Our sales manager was called on-site recently to inspect and assess a situation that could’ve caused major damage to the client. The OEM wire rope was pressed too closely and was disintegrating due to the pressure. Neglecting to inspect the lifting equipment caused this blunder and resulted in downtime of approximately three days for the client.

This is just one example that proves it’s dangerous to assume that any lifting, rigging and height safety can be done without first inspecting your plant and gear. Inspecting your lifting equipment before any work starts is vital for a safe and secure working environment.

At Elevate, we pride ourselves in our outstanding inspection and maintenance solutions. Let’s help you optimise your onsite procedures.


Why Equipment Inspections are Essential

Operating specialised equipment such as lifting and rigging equipment requires careful inspection to ensure everything is in good working condition. Failure to inspect lifting equipment can result in:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Delays due to repairs and replacements that need to be done
  • Financial losses because your lifting equipment isn’t serviced regularly

Making sure that your equipment is inspected regularly is for safety, but also increases the lifespan of your equipment. You also ensure they remain in prime condition to deliver the best outcomes while in use. You should take on this responsibility but know that a qualified inspector has the experience and skills to pick up problems that your workers might overlook.

Repairing something small on your equipment can save you money and make your equipment run more efficiently for longer. Don’t wait till the problem becomes unmanageable and expensive. Contact Elevate today to work out an inspection program for your site.


The Main Reasons for Equipment Breakdowns

Break downs happen mostly because of:

  • Neglecting warning signals
  • Having no maintenance plan or poor maintenance
  • Taking too long to replace worn out parts

In most cases, the breakdown of equipment can be prevented if proper inspection and maintenance services are in place.

What is the value of expert advice? Priceless! When you use experts, such as the team at Elevate, you get someone with a trained eye who picks up on errors that often go unnoticed.


The Legal Ramifications if You Fail to Inspect Your Equipment

If you’re operating any equipment in your business, you’re obligated to comply with regular safety checks and inspections. Failure to comply with these checks can result in your business being sued for negligence or even worse, being prosecuted by the authorities.

To avoid legal action and injuries to your workers make sure your plant or site is legally compliant by remembering these important facts:

  • All equipment that involves wires, ropes, synthetics and chains require inspection
  • Different Australian Standard requirements apply to different equipment
  • Health and safety in the workplace is enhanced with regular inspections
  • Inspections done regularly helps fend off liability claims
  • Only trained and qualified inspectors can carry out inspections
  • Keep a record of all inspections done to have evidence that you’re meeting your legal obligations
  • Inspections form part of efficient risk management


How to Schedule an Onsite Inspection

Elevate Lifting and Rigging offers a turnkey solution for all your inspection and servicing needs. We also stock the leading lifting and rigging equipment brands and can provide onsite inspections of lifting equipment. We do it all.

Scheduling an onsite inspection is as easy as contacting on of our trained consultants to set up an appointment at your site. You’ll have peace of mind knowing all our inspectors are LEEA qualified and can tailor an inspection program to suit your needs.


Final Thoughts

Investing in lifting equipment is a huge expense. You need to make sure you get a good return on your investment by taking care of your equipment. Contact Elevate Lifting and Rigging today on 1300 437 842 so that we can help you implement a good inspection and servicing program.

Whether you need equipment or inspection services, we’re here to assist you.