At Elevate lifting and Rigging we take calls every day with the question – ‘When should I have my lifting equipment inspected’.

Unfortunately, it is not a simple ‘insert period here’ answer!

Most lifting equipment has periodic inspection and/or testing requirements specific to that item. The majority of lifting products will require annual inspections such as shackles, eyebolts and hoisting products such as chain blocks and lever hoists.

The most common lifting products – Chain slings, wire rope slings and synthetic slings are more stringent. All periodic inspection and testing is detailed in the relevant Australian Standards. These standards vary from product to product. For example, chain slings come under AS3775.2-2014, Synthetic flat slings under AS1353.2-1997 and Synthetic Soft round slings AS4497-2018. Further below we have listed some common standards with inspection/testing intervals.

Concrete lifting clutches are in the spotlight at the moment and rightfully so as they are used in a significant, often dangerous sector of the construction industry. Designed for lifting of panels concrete lifting clutches must be TESTED annually

What is not negotiable is the responsibility of the user to perform the following before each use:

  • All equipment must be inspected by the user before use.
  • Equipment subject to heavy usage may require more regular documented inspection.
  • Where unsure about inspection interval criteria always refer to appropriate Australian standards and/or manufacturers specifications.
  • Any item requiring repair must be repaired and proof load tested upon completion to appropriate procedure if stated in the appropriate standard.

Lifting equipment inspection services

At Elevate Lifting and Rigging we are proud to be a member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association). LEEA is the largest lifting trade association worldwide. Structured to provide a local focus, ensure compliance with Australian regulations and standards and provide networking opportunities across the industry. Member companies work in lifting equipment design, manufacture, service and repair, distribution, inspection and hire across Australia.

All our lifting equipment technicians meet the competent person requirements as set out in Australian Standards which ensures your assets are kept in date and comply. Call customer service now on 1300 437 842 to book one of our qualified technicians to come to your site.

At Elevate Lifting and Rigging we use the following colour code system, commonly used in the electrical industry and known as The RGBY System. (RUGBY).

It is as follows:

December/January/February – RED

March/April/May – GREEN

June/July/August – BLUE

September/October/November – YELLOW

While not mandatory in the lifting and rigging industry, it is a great way to identify if your equipment is in date, not just up close but from a distance, as lifting equipment so often is.

Contact our customer service team to discuss this tagging option further. At Elevate Lifting and Rigging we use coloured wire locks which act as a permanent fit to your lifting equipment. They can be tied to the smallest item i.e.: lifting shackles right through to the largest, i.e.: an overhead crane. These wire locks are an addition to safety tags/labels that must be fitted to all lifting equipment ensuring compliance to relevant Australian or manufacturers standards.

Elevate Lifting and Rigging ensure your lifting equipment is managed with a minimum of fuss. Our LINK asset management system is the latest in cloud-based asset programs. As a matter of course, all Elevate lifting and rigging clients have their new items automatically added to their asset register at time of purchase introducing to service. Periodic inspection dates are entered at that time and in turn alerting the client when the items are due for inspection.

So, to ensure your lifting equipment is managed appropriately get the experts to do it for you. Contact the customer service team at Elevate Lifting and Rigging today to book one of our qualified technicians on 1300 437 842 or visit us at

Download your copy of our inspection schedule:

Elevate Lifting Height Safety Equipment Inspection Schedule

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