Product Description


  • Civil Engineering Projects
  • Positional Control Systems
  • R&D testing
  • Lifting or spreader beam testing
  • Aerospace system integration
  • Hydraulic or jacking systems


  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • Proof test certificate
  • Operator Manual
  • Carry/Storage Case

The Straightpoint range of Linear Displacement Transducers are supplied with our SA700C wireless transmitter and for the first time allow distance or length measurement alongside load from a SP load cell to be measured and logged.

Available in stroke length from 25mm / 1″ to 200mm / 8″ these sensors connect to the SP SW-MWLC software and can accurately measure displacement or movement in a number of applications.

The WLDT is a robust, absolutely linear position/displacement transducer and is inherently frictionless. Because of this, they have an MTBF in excess of 100 million cycles when properly used. An eye at each end of the transducer enables the sensor to be quickly and accurately positioned in place and is supplied pre-calibrated to third-party reference standards.