2400kg Steeltex Stage Sling

The steel sling with the fabric feel. Designed for suspension applications where metal
or synthetic slings are required.


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Product Description

• Increased safety
• Improved cut resistance
• 400
oF temperature rating (205oC)
• Higher working load compared to Round and
Superflex slings
• No hand injuries as there are no external ferrules
and tails
• Contours to the load to grip securely
• Wire core inspection window

• No back-up rigging required
• Superior flexibility make rigging easy
• Easy to read safety tag allows instant recognition

• Lowers show to show freight costs
• Gives you the slings you want to use (round
slings) without buying the slings you would be
required to use. (Wire/Chain)

Additional information

Effective Length

900mm, 1800mm, 2700mm

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