Linq Single Leg Kernmantle 2M Shock Absorb Rope Lanyard Range w/ Hardware


  • Kernmantle Rope Lanyard with 2-metre Lanyard
  • RLO1- Single Leg Kernmantle Rope Lanyard with shock pack + hardware ( see list below)
  • Australian designed, engineered and made.

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Product Description


  • An exclusive Extended Length Energy Absorber (ELEA) designed to protect a worker of up to 160kg including tools and equipment.
  • Stitching patterns are sewn by computer controlled bar tacking machinery for precision using UV resistant high tenacity polyester yarn with 100 newton (10kg) breaking strength.
  • Drop forged lanyard hardware.
  • 12mm kernmantle rope.
  • Drop forged D Transition point doubles as a spare leg stowage point.
  • HARDWARE AVAILABLE Note: 1st hardware code listed is connected to the body. e.g. KDSN Double action karabiner to body and snap hook on lanyard end.
  • ie: RLO1KDSN includes 1 x Karabiner Double Action & 1 x Snap Hook
  • KD – Karabiner Double Action Steel Alloy 19mm
  • KS – Karabiner Screw Gate Steel Alloy 18mm
  • KT – Karabiner Triple Action Steel Alloy 26mm
  • KTS – Karabiner Triple Action Stainless Steel 27mm
  • SD – Scaffold Hook Double Action Steel Alloy 68mm
  • ST – Triple Action Scaffold Hook Steel Alloy 68mm
  • GS – Giant Double Action Scaffold Hook Aluminium 110mm
  • SN – Snap Hook
  • SAIG 5 Tick Certified and approved to AS/NZS 1891.1


Additional information


KD x 2, KD & SN, KD & ST, KS x 2, KS & SN, KS & ST, KT x 2, KT & SN, KT & ST, SN & KT, SN x 2, SN & ST