INSIGHT Software *New Release*

INSIGHT software, supplied with an SW-D USB wireless dongle, allows connection of up to 126 Straightpoint wireless load cells simultaneously onto any Windows tablet or laptop.

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Product Description

INSIGHT has three main features:
1. Multi-channel display and data logging mode – view and log load data from connected load cells plus totals loads live on screen and directly into a .csv file for later analysis at speeds of up to 200Hz.
2. Visualisation mode – For complicated lifts import a photo of the lift and drag and drop load cell displays – make the screen look like the lift.
3. Centre of gravity mode – Connect to SP’s range of wireless compression load cells and use this feature to weigh and calculate the centre of gravity of large items and structures.


Logging at timed intervals, manual or on
Visual and audible alarms indicate overload,
underload, low battery and communications
Zoom in to individual load cell to see data
trends and history
100% wireless, no easily damaged cables
700m or 2300ft range


Displays and logs data up to 126 Straightpoint wireless load cells simultaneously

Three weighing’s per C of G report with averages and statistical analysis to ISO19901
• Plot load cell positioning using measurements or GPS co-ordinates
• Extra fields for operator, client, wind speed and temperature available for reporting