1000kg Elevate Entertainment long Lift Chain Block with Bonus Chain Bag

The Elevate entertainment chain blocks is a high-quality product designed for the entertainment and exhibition industry.

***Complete with bonus chain/carry bag

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Product Description

The Elevate Entertainment chain blocks are high quality economical product designed for use in the entertainment and exhibition industry.

Capacity: 1000kg

  • All steel construction; These chain blocks are good for industrial environments where dependability is a must
  • Black canvas chain bag for storage of chain when rigged. Also acts as a carry bag when block not in use
  • Satin black enamel finish
  • Weatherproof twin pawl brake; Weston style two pawl brake designed to hold the load during the operation
  • Industrial grade powder coating; Provides a long lasting finish designed to suit harsh environments
  • Zinc plated hand chain; Provides a durable finish
  • Fully enclosed gearing; Protects the gears from debris and contamination
  • Chain Blocks complete with Grade 80 alloy chain and forged alloy steel hooks

Additional information

Height Of Lift

8m (PART NO. 10005-08)
10m (PART NO. 10005-10)
15m (PART NO. 10005-15)