Stationary Aluminium Gantry Crane – 1000kg and 1500kg


  • with collapsible lateral stands
  • incl. park-brake trolley
  • incl. integrated horizontal adjuster

The Aluminium Gantry Crane System is a highly mobile, flexible, height and length adjustable, free standing construction and can be assembled and dis-assembled in minimal time.


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Product Description

2 pieces lateral stand, collapsible
with 2 height adjustable beam supports made of aluminium special profiles

  • distance between holes: 50 mm with 4 adjustment feet made of aluminium special profiles
  • distance between holes 40 mm

The lateral stands can be easily folded and can therefore space saving stored and transported.

1 piece aluminium special profile beam

1 piece park-break trolley
Into the trolley e.g. the hoist or appropriate lifting item will be hooked.
The trolley can be moved smoothly on the aluminium beam and can be fixed in any position.

2 pieces bump stop
Collision protection for the trolley

1 piece integrated horizontal adjuster
By the use of the horizontal adjuster the usable length of the Aluminium Gantry Crane can be adjusted between the two lateral stands.
The running track width of the aluminium beam is variable.
This is a definite added value as well as a higher flexibility for the user.

Additional information


1000kg, 1500kg


Small, Medium, High

Beam Length

4000mm, 5000mm, 6000mm