Straightpoint’s Wireless Loadshackle provides the perfect solution to limited headroom applications. Each Wireless Loadshackle is proof tested, contained within this aluminium enclosure is a new internal chassis providing IP67/NEMA6 environmental protection even with the battery cover plate missing. Straightpoint offers the very best in load monitoring equipment in the world.

Straightpoint Wireless Load shackles are the ideal solution for the following applications: Under Hook Crane Weighing| Aircraft Manufacturing and Repair | Heavy Lift | Water Weight Testing and Calibration | Event Staging and Rigging | Escalator Comb Impact Testing | Wire Rope and Cable Tension Monitoring | Structural Load Testing and Certification | Shipping & receiving weighing | Off Shore Mooring Anchor Setting | Heavy lift and Rigging Load Monitoring | Crane and Hoist Calibration and Proof Load Testing | Manufacturing and Heavy Construction | Bollard pull testing and Certification | Swing Stage.

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