The Straightpoint Wireless Compression loadcells are manufactured from stainless steel with a lightweight aluminium jacket and a load centring domed top. They can also be supplied with optional load-cap to protect the item being weighed. Due to absence of cables and connectors, maintenance costs are all but eliminated. The unique design utilizing double o’ring seals on the loadcell ensures these loadcells are built for use in the harshest industrial environments. Available in capacities from 5t to 500t. Straightpoint offers the very best in load monitoring equipment in the world.

Wireless Compression is ideal for the following applications: Measurement of systems on and offshore | Steel fabrication shops | Portside weighing bonded containers | Lifting bridges and other large installations | Heavy equipment moving companies | used in a broad range of industries including steel fabrication, ship building, structural weighing, shipping, and general transportation sectors, allowing for the calculation of total mass and the centre of gravity on loads up to and exceeding 15,000t.

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