The Straightpoint Loadshackle is available from stock in capacities 3.25t to 120t, and available up to 1,550t. The Loadshackle offers reduced overall weight and headroom providing a great fit for low headroom applications, being a favoured choice in the load monitoring solutions. Whether used in heavy lifting, mooring anchor placement or sub-sea applications, Straightpoint’s cabled loadshackle offers robust construction, advanced electronics, industry leading resolution and accuracy all at a cost-effective, affordable price.

Wired Load Shackle is ideal for the following applications: Permanent installations such as cable tension monitoring | Underwater or subsea load monitoring applications | Under Hook Crane Weighing | Aircraft Manufacturing and Repair | Water Weight Testing and Calibration | Event Staging and Rigging | Wire Rope and Cable Tension Monitoring | Structural Load Testing and Certification | Shipping & receiving weighing | Off Shore Mooring Anchor Setting | Heavy lift and Rigging Load Monitoring | Crane and Hoist Calibration and Proof Load Testing | Manufacturing and Heavy Construction | Bollard pull testing and Certification | Swing Stage.

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