A new addition to the TIMH range, the CableSafe is the continued evolution of SP’s running line tensiometers. When used in the field, it will allow the user to monitor tension with exceedingly high
levels of accuracy, which ensures that rope/cables do not become overstretched or break.


• Fibre optic cable pulling using turret winches
• Water gates for dams
• Offshore rescue and retrieval
• Capstan rope/cable winding
• Broadcast and telecommunications
• Erecting towers (maintaining structural
• Service and maintenance of cell towers

Group CEO Dean Nelson commented ‘Straightpoint’s continued product development has positioned them as an unrivalled global leader in the development of tension meter products. Not long after the launch of the groundbreaking COLT we now have another avenue to market with the brilliant Cable safe’

For further information click here: https://www.elevatelifting.com.au/product/cablesafe-tensiometer/

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Check out the demonstration by our US counterpart Wayne.