Engineered Solutions

Elevate Engineering is an experienced and professional team of experts offering advanced customized engineering solutions across a range of industries. 

Since 2012,  Elevate Engineering has been an integral part of many advanced lifting projects requiring exceptional engineering, design and installation. These specialized solutions form the nucleus of our business; to engineer, fabricate, certify and install custom-designed manufactured products.

Our premium service and flawless engineered solutions have led to an increased demand for our expertise; especially in relation to government authority work on infrastructure projects,  in both commercial and residential developments.

Elevate Engineering can review, analyse and adapt specialized lifting plans and incorporate custom solutions for a wide variety of industries including construction, mining, oil, rail, renewable energy, telecommunication and road.


With our team of specialized experts in Lifting, Rigging, Crane repair, Engineering and Structural Steel Detailers, we provide solutions to your complex lifting projects ensuring your satisfaction and compliance to the relevant Australian Standards.

Elevate Engineering provides any lifting solution, no matter how big the lift, to cater to a wide range of industries. We ensure all our equipment is tested and certified to their respective Australian standard.

We are proud of the expertise that elevates us above our competitors

  • we supply premium quality products sourced all over the world.
  • we have LEEA accredited staff, with extensive industry knowledge.
  • We use the latest industry-recognized software, Inventor, Solidworks and our own internal project management system to bring the best solution for you and your business.

Examples of services include;


  • Engineering and certification
  • Custom equipment design and fabrication
  • Certified lifting devices and unusual lifting/handling equipment
  • Lifting beams, spreader beams, sling and fitting
  • Bridge, jib and monorail crane systems
  • Lifting, pulling and anchor points


  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Comprehensive inspections and reporting
  • Existing equipment re-certification – specialising in crane system end-of-life assessments

Elevate specialises in the following equipment:

  • Certified lifting devices
  • Monorail crane systems
  • Bridge crane systems
  • Certified lifting beams
  • Certified spreader beams
  • Substations
  • Custom and unusual lifting equipment
  • Bespoke slings and fittings
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