Elevate Lifting and Rigging recently are proud to have been awarded a Global Top Distributor achievement award from Straightpoint. The recent addition of calibration services of the Straightpoint range of load cells has been a great development for Elevate. Read the following article from issue 10 of Lift & Hoist Australasia where Elevate CEO Dean Nelson talks to Maria Hadlow about the development.

‘Elevate Lifting and Rigging, the Melbourne, Australia-based company, which supplies quality lifting and rigging products and services, is adding to its portfolio by offering a calibration service for the Straightpoint range of lifting load cells,

Straightpoint (SP), acquired by US lifting specialist The Crosby Group last year, is a UK-based loadcell manufacturing company specialising in the production and calibration of load monitoring equipment for force measurement, load monitoring, suspended load weighing, compression, force sensing and wire rope tension metering.

Dean Nelson, founder and owner of Elevate and CEO of the NELCO group of companies (Elevate Lifting and Rigging, Schillings Hoisting Equipment and Load Restraint Systems), approached Straightpoint to become a distributor in 2016.

“I realised that there was a niche for a load measuring product in Australia, catering for the lifting industry,” he says. “I rang Dave Ayling [the founder of Straightpoint and at that time still managing director] I didn’t know him, but asked if we could become a distributor.

“We are a premium brand company and I was straight-up with Dave – I didn’t promise the world, but he saw that we were capable of representing the SP products well. The company has a lot of industry knowledge –  we’ve been around a long time, we are easy to partner with and have integrity,”  explains Dean. 

Elevate and Straightpoint came to terms for Elevate to distribute the Straightpoint loadcell products in Australia and New Zealand. “There was a void in load monitoring and measurement in the region,” says Nelson “ and it wasn’t getting serviced so we knew there was plenty of opportunity.”

There is a broad range of application areas for load cells including:  infrastructure, heavy engineering, mining, heavy lift, line tensioning, logistics, marine, oil and gas, stage an event rigging, shipping, testing, towage and salvage, utilities, defence and more.

Once the deal was done, David Ayling visited Elevate, “I greatly admire what David Ayling did in building up the company and we are very happy to be associated with Straightpoint,” says Nelson.

“The companies that you do business with a reflection of your own business. Now Straightpoint is under new management since the Crosby buy-out and David is pursuing new projects we are working with Thomas Dietvorst, the new general manager who is continuing on the same trajectory of excellence.”

Nelson and the team at Elevate have had significant success with the Straightpoint range. “It is a growing trend,” says Nelson. “But we have done a lot of marketing awareness and education. In a way, we have created a demand through the educational process – introducing the market to the range of load cells with different levels of sophistication and functionality.”

From its first year Elevate has been one of Straightpoint’s top distributors in the world and now the company is extending its commitment to the brand by introducing a load cell calibration service.

To that end Elevate has been recognised as a top distributor globally for the June Quarter.

David Ayling says, “It really shows commitment from Dean and his team in the load monitoring business and underlines why they are one of SP’s highest achieving distributors in the world. Their DNA is the same as ours.”

To comply with Australian standards, the load cells need to be calibrated to production standard biannually and, in sending them back to the manufacturer in the UK, customers can be two weeks without important pieces of equipment. 

“We realised that if Elevate were to do its own calibration then we could turn around the calibration in just 24-hours,” says Nelson, “which will help customers maintain high levels of safety in their operations.”

Elevate has invested in and built its own rig designed and manufactured in Melbourne with the support and help of Straightpoint.

“We have had a soft-launch of the new service and already have 50 cells booked in for calibration in the next month.

“Maintenance of equipment is paramount in the lifting industry and the new calibration service takes the unknown out of the equation and has the added advantage that it will help us maintain and grow our knowledge of customers and the market.

“In a way the COVID  pandemic has accelerated business,” says Nelson. “We have had record months in some market sectors, although it has been brutal for others such as the events and entertainment industries where there is no glimmer of improvement.

“Australia and New Zealand have a big safety culture – I believe that so far we are just scratching the surface. We are always confident that we will get the order –  but this is one of the products, which we are most confident about and the calibration service adds another dimension.”’

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