Substation – Custom Solution

This 2 tonne monorail is being lowered by a tower crane to get ready to be installed into a substation in Camberwell. One of our monorail installers, Mike, said one of the most difficult aspects of his job is “gaining access onto sites as we are aware that construction workers are working a tight schedule so we try to work in unison with them to make their day as undisruptive as possible.” Mike has worked in the industry for over a decade, during this time has learnt “other companies weld to many tags on the monorail, use too many fixings, not the right kind, among other aspects which I find strange. Since working for Elevate I honestly believe the quality of our fabrication, engineering and install is by far one of the best in the industry.”

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1 Only Electric Monorail Crane System

CUSTOM JOB: 1 (one) only Electric Monorail Crane System, located above a Car Stacker turntable. Product Specifications: Design, certification and documentation. Fabrication, painting, signage and marking Installation, commissioning and testing. Serialised certification documents (including certified engineering drawings, commissioning reports, operation and maintenance manuals) Rated Capacity: 2T (two metric tonnes) Length: approximately 10,000 mm Height of Lift: 17,000 mm Trolley: 3-phase electric, single speed Hoist: 3-phase electric, single speed Control System: 2 (two) wireless remote pendants (battery operated) Power Feed: cable festoon or strainer wire.

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One Only Serial 2T Monorail Crane System

CUSTOM SOLUTION: Elevate has the pleasure of designing, certification and documentation of total 1 (one) only serial 2T monorail crane system. We completed a fabrication, painting, signage and marking. Lastly completed Installation and commissioning of the above-mentioned monorail crane system. 1 (one) only cable pit steelwork assembly (including grating and 2x loose support channels), covering an area of approximately 5,000mm long x 4,000mm wide x 1,100mm deep. For more information contact us on 03 9480 5577 or email

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Level Crossing Removal

Recently completed rigging set up in joint partnership with Brent Young Cranes and construction giant McConnell Dowell, for the level crossing removal at Abbotts Rd, Dandenong South. Elevate was awarded the supply of – Multiple 70T Tandem Lift Fixed Spreader Bars, 35T Equalisers / Triangles and Rigging components for the positioning of the new rail bridge sections. These lifting devices were designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of AS4991 and supplied with full supporting documentation and certification.


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Monorail System for Power Authorities

CUSTOM SOLUTION: Design, certification and documentation of total 2 (two) only serial 1T monorail crane systems for the power authorities. Fabrication, painting, signage and marking of the above-mentioned monorail crane system Installation and commissioning of the above-mentioned monorail crane system Also included was: 1 (one) only cable trench steelwork assembly (covering an area of approximately 700mm wide x 5,000mm long x 1,200mm deep) Please contact us to discuss your custom needs on 1300 437 842 (HES) | 1800 742 455 (Schillings)

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1 Only Cable Pit Assembly

CUSTOM SOLUTION FROM OUR ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT: Recently installed – 1 (one) only cable pit assembly (including grating and service openings) size of 5,000mm long x 4,250mm wide x 1,250mm depth. Including grouting of all columns. Now other trades and services can work from our certified steelwork design. Complies with the following provisions of Regulations – BCA and Australian Standards and issued with a Certificate of Compliance – Design – Form 1507

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Custom Engineered Substation Installation

CUSTOM ENGINEERED SUBSTATION INSTALLATION: This recent installation was designed, certified and provided proper documentation of total 2 (two) only serial 2T monorail crane systems. We carried out the fabrication, painting, signage and marking of the above-mentioned monorail crane system. Installation and commissioning of the above-mentioned monorail crane system was carried out flawlessly and left our customer beaming ear to ear.

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Big Lift News: Rosanna Level Crossing

Elevate is proud to supply dynamic rigging through a phenomenal 200-300 tonne capacity lift!

The existing level crossing at Lower Plenty Road in Rosanna was removed and is being replaced by a new rail bridge

The design is in response to the unique environment and topography of the area and the strong desire of the community to minimise the loss of trees from within the Rosanna Parklands while also assisting in traffic and prolonged waiting periods caused by trains going through the crossing.

Works will include the building of a new Rosanna Station, Victoria and are part of the Hurstbridge Rail Line Upgrade project.

Work is ahead of schedule and set to be completed by May 2018.

The lift of the new bridge was installed on Monday 5th April and consisted of significant amount of lifting gear. These photos illustrate a configuration including a 300t spreader, 200t shackles and 200t Slingmaster Round slings.

We would like to thank Ross Johnson from Dynamic Rigging sharing these impressive photos using our products.

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