Elevate is proud to supply dynamic rigging through a phenomenal 200-300 tonne capacity lift!

The existing level crossing at Lower Plenty Road in Rosanna was removed and is being replaced by a new rail bridge

The design is in response to the unique environment and topography of the area and the strong desire of the community to minimise the loss of trees from within the Rosanna Parklands while also assisting in traffic and prolonged waiting periods caused by trains going through the crossing.

Works will include the building of a new Rosanna Station, Victoria and are part of the Hurstbridge Rail Line Upgrade project.

Work is ahead of schedule and set to be completed by May 2018.

The lift of the new bridge was installed on Monday 5th April and consisted of significant amount of lifting gear. These photos illustrate a configuration including a 300t spreader, 200t shackles and 200t Slingmaster Round slings.

We would like to thank Ross Johnson from Dynamic Rigging sharing these impressive photos using our products.

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